TOYOTA Fortuner

Group 4

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The Toyota Fortuner (four-wheel-drive, 4x4) is the right vehicle for all self-drivers that require more comfort and luxury. It is fitted with a four-wheel-drive and a 5-gear shift and this vehicle can drive most of the streets in Namibia or Southern Africa. The vehicle is fitted with leather seats, air-conditioning, power steering, CD/radio and contains a 65 litre tank with a calculated range of approx. 500km.


  • 65 L diesel tank
  • power steering
  • aircon
  • radio/CD player
  • 3.0 L diesel Turbo, manual 5 gear
  • 2 spare wheels
  • Manuel tyre pump
  • shovel
  • tow rope
  • jumper leads
  • broom and scoop
  • jack and wheels spanner

Price: From N$ 1170.00 / Day

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